Apps Like Viva Video : Best Alternatives for Download

Most of us like to do video editing in a certain application without any bulk download is a complicated user interface to work with. There are various video editing software and applications available in the market, but among them, viva video is one of the best video editing tool available for various devices on various platforms. But there are several more applications available in the market which is similar to the viva video application. In this article, we have listed a few of the best viva video alternatives available on various platforms in the market along with their download links below.

As alternative applications listed below in this article, their features are somewhat similar to the viva video application. Some of the application might also have a similar user interface which will make you more familiar with the application if you have to use the viva video application in your device. This application later views your still photographs as well as the recordings and add previous moves or effects along with the sound to create a perfect video for you.

Apps Like Viva Video App: Best Alternatives

These are the various viva video alternatives available in the market for various devices. Read about this article and download the application which suits you from the below-provided download link.

1. VideoShow:

The VideoShow application is the most popular alternative to viva video application in the market. You can easily edit various videos captured by your smartphone using this wonderful application. Not only you can edit videos you can also edit various photos and make them a stunning video using this application. There are various editing tools available in this application for making an advanced grade video editing using this application. This application is available for both Android and IOS platform around the globe. Download the application from the below-provided link.

2. AndroVid:

The AndroVid application allows you to edit videos in a smartphone, this application is mainly made for cut pasting various video shots and making a productive video in return using this application in Android devices. This application is specific to the Android devices only and not available for iOS devices. Create various creative videos using this AndroVid application and save it in the local storage of your smartphone device. Get in hands with this wonderful AndroVid application from the link provided below of this article.

3. Reverse Movie FX:

This application is mainly used for editing rewinded videos using various video clips captured from your smartphone or using any photos from your device. Reverse Movie FX is a wonderful application for making reverse videos with your media files, it is very fun to create reverse videos using this application and there is a unique one also. This application is fairly new to the smartphone market and became famous due to its easy to create reverse videos feature. This application is only available for Android devices to download the app from the below-provided link of this article.


We have collected various information about the viva video and its alternatives available in the market for various devices and posted them in this article for you. We have also listed the various viva video alternative applications available what is devices in the market in this article along with their download links. Share this article with others once create video editing tools, so that they can also get in hands with these amazing applications available in the market for various platforms.


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