Imagine! If we can make a beautiful video with multiple editings at the end of our fingertips, Interesting right? Then look at the Worlds No #2 video editing and photo making app, Viva Video.

  • Used by people across 100+ countries.
  • Over 10 million active users and a global network of 200 million users.
  • 100M+ downloads and a 4.6 rated app.

The Viva video app – Video editor and Photo Movie, is developed by QuVideo Inc. This app provided wonderful support to all people who wanted to make a well-edited video at the end of their fingertips. Viva Video app is available for both Android and iOS supported the phone in different versions with varying features. The basic version of this app can be installed at free of cost on both Android and iOS supported phones, which contains ads and few permissions.  For high-quality video creation, the same app is available in two versions which are: 

  1. Viva video lite –which is compact in size and higher version.
  2. Viva video pro, a paid version.

You can also get the Viva video web app for your laptops and PCs and enjoy the easy editing of videos on big screens. But what If we wanted to share the amazing video’s and upload it in FB, Whats app or YouTube and share it across, no worries, the app allows you to share your videos, slideshows, etc from people to people. To access multiple features in a single version is not so easy. So here are the multiple available versions and few insights of it.  

Viva video editing and picture making (basic version)

  1. Size of 37MB
  2. Basic supporting system

VIP MEMBERSHIP- allows us to access for many more features with a cost of Rs.850 per year with 56% off included or else Rs.1920 per year.

  1. Removes water marks
  2. No ads
  3. Video adjustment
  4. Animated texts and more.

Viva video lite

  1. Less in size 20MB
  2. Loads faster while using less data.
  3. VIP membership with some added highlights but at a cost of RS. 950 per year and first month free trail after which the charges are RS. 160 per month.

Viva video Pro

  1. Paid subscription at RS 210.
  2. More powerful functions (trimming,sharing,speed control etc)
  3. Unlimited video length in exporting
  4. HD quality export.
  5. Powerful video editor
  6. HOT photo and slide show maker.
  7. All free materials to download
  8. Unique video college (PIP) maker.

Features of Viva Video App

1. Powerful video editor 

We can edit our videos fast with amazing slow-motion video editor in built. Also, we have editing tools to trim and merge clips in storyboard editing mode. We can control the video with slow/fast motion with playback speed up to 0.2seconds.  

2. Creative Video Camera lenses:  

Multiple options which are supported by selfie/FX/Funny/Music video and College. Nine special lenses are available to test the best funny face. Also can create a most trending video with our video cam and with the Creative Video Camera lenses. 

3. Easy to use slideshow maker: 

With the help of this feature, we can turn our beautiful photos into movie and slideshow with just a few clicks. It allows us to make a beautiful video of pictures with respected themes like birthday, life story etc with relevant sound added to it.  

4. Exploring and tutorial:

What if you wanted to see any videos of your friends or relatives. No worries you can just follow the people in viva video and explore the many fun and loving videos. A basic tutorial is also provided where you can easily learn and start creating your video. 

5. Unique video collage: 

Have you ever thought of collage of a video, If no, then turn it into yes? Viva video helps us to collage videos as well. it helps us to trim the video and provides a variety of themes and sounds to make the college even amazing 

6. Imports and Exports:

Downloads on wifi or cellular data are the option of yours. If your question is where to store, the storage access and place can be decided by you. Also, you can share files easily to your gallery,   WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

7. Language and operation:

Language always plays a unique role in connecting people. Viva video has also provided with multiple language operations where you can access to many Indian languages and also different country languages. You are also exposed to featured videos with multiple recommendations available. Also, follow the profiles as per your tastes. So you can happily operate the world of video in your language.

8. Profile and easy access: 

You can now have your profile and increase your followers by presenting your amazing skills in video editing using viva video. Also, your saved drafts and videos are easily available on your home screen to access them any time. Privacy is the most necessary right in today’s digital world. Viva video has been a step forward in this, and it allows users to use privacy settings with which you can save your data. 

Download & Install VivaVideo on Android, iOS & Windows

Download VivaVideo For Android

Android users can easily download the viva video app from google play store. You can directly install the Viva video apk file from unknown sources for which you have to follow simple steps

  1. Go to your phone’s settings.
  2. Select Security
  3. Find Unknown Sources and tick the checkbox
  4. Now, you can install any apk file, which you haven’t downloaded from Google Play Store and after installing you are ready to use Viva video app in your smartphone.
    Download For Android

Download VivaVideo For Windows

  1. Making it accessible to Pc /Windowns7/8/10, one should have Blue stack application.
  2. To download Blue stack system should have a minimum of 2gb ram and probable machine requirements.
    Download For Windows
  3. After the bluestack app file is downloaded, right click on it and run as admin.
  4. The platform will enable us to run the Android applications and also download and install android applications.
  5. Open blue stack applications and go to play store
  6. Sign in to BlueStacks with a Google account or create one for the play store and search for viva video app.
  7. Click on the app and download it. 

Download VivaVideo For iOS

iOS users can easily download the viva video app from the iTunes or Apple App Store.

  • Enter “VivaVideo App” on the search bar of the app store and hit the enter button.
    Download For iOS
  • A search result will be displayed and you need to click on the right app icon and give permission for downloading of the app
  • Now, wait till the downloading is over and the installation is processed.

How to start using Viva Video in your Smartphone?

Here is a step-by-step guide on Viva video for getting started and use the Viva Video app has been discussed in this article from below.

Viva video Sign in/Sign up:

  1. To get started and create your own profile , you need to sign in to the app with your mobile number or facebook or google accounts.
  2. If you register by your phone number, you will get an OTP which the app verifies and access you to making video.
  3. If you register by your mail, Viva video sends you a verification mail which allows you to access the account.
  4. The next step, after verifying, it asks for preference of your language.
  5. After selecting your preferred language and selecting to NEXT, will direct you to the home page.

Viva Video Permissions

The app requires few access permissions for Camera, Photos. To record the videos and to make the clippings for new videos the app requires the open access to the camera and gallery of photos. 

Viva camera:

The shortcut to camera app which takes us to viva camera app. This camera app has multiple features and selfie styles to enhance the image quality and make the images sharp bright and clean. Isn’t it amazing to click multiple selfies with awesome filters and quality?

How to Capture a Video?

  • On the home screen, click on capture.
  • You will be directed to your camera, with three modes basic, selfie, music lens. Select the mode, and start capturing by pressing the big colored circle.
  • To undo your act, you can just press on undo. If you want to continue, you can continue by adding filters and themes. To the right top corner, you have settings to set the speed, time, brightness, focus and flash. 
  • You can swipe left to change filters. 
  • After done with this, by clicking on the tick mark you can now edit your video. 
  • Press the edit, where you find three options at the bottom of screen 1)THEME  2)CLIP EDIT 3) EFFECTS
  • In theme, various themes are displayed which can be downloaded in quick and applied to the video.
  • In effects, drag the thumbnail to set music/sticker/text/Fx/sound for the respected time of the clip.
  • Finally, save your video and share it.

How to Edit videos using viva video?           

  • On the home screen, click edit.
  • Select the videos to be edited and add them. Click next to start the edit.
  • Clicking on the cross marks of the clip can delete the clips.
  • The editing can be done by selecting Themes/Clip edit /Effects.
  • In theme, various themes are displayed which can be downloaded in quick and applied to the video.
  • In effects, drag the thumbnail to set music/sticker/text/Fx/sound for the respected time of the clip.
  • Finally, save your video and share it.

How to Make a Slideshow?

  • On the home screen, click on the slideshow.

  • Select the images/videos to be included in the slideshow and click next.
  • Clicking on the cross marks of the clip can delete the clips
  • The editing can be done by selecting Themes/Clip edit /Effects.
  • In theme, various themes are displayed which can be downloaded in quick and applied to the video
  • In effects, drag the thumbnail to set music/sticker/text/Fx/sound for the respected time of the clip.
  • Finally, save your video and share it. 

Sharing can be easily done and easy export of files to the gallery and Facebook. You can directly post it to any social handle as well.

What if you like the status of your friends in WhatsApp or Instagram? Now saving that is made easy with viva video. Just click on video saver and select the respective video from WhatsApp or Instagram and save to your files.

Permissions required During Installation:

  • Viva video needs permission for storage, to store files and videos in your phone’s memory or storage.
  • Viva video needs permission to use the camera for images and recording the videos.
  • Viva video needs permission for in-app purchases for VIP Membership.
  • Viva video needs permission for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram to access the videos from there.
  • Viva video needs permission for a microphone for recording audios for the videos.
  • Viva video needs permission for Wifi connection information to view the various wifi connections available.
  • Viva video needs permission for Device Id & call information to know the phone status and identify the device state.


With a 4.5 rating on play store, the app is an efficient video editor and a lite version of Viva video.


  1. Movie clips
  • With a 0.1-second precise timing and 0.2 scale film shiting, the pruning and shifting are a step forward. This makes the app interesting to use and allows simple application can help anybody to use it safely and efficiently.
  • With reverse and multiple proportion options, it allows us with different editing tools.
  • Toning and Collage options are enhanced.
  1. Massive film materials

Multiple Themes and Filter options are provided to edit the video with wide varieties of edits.

  1. Subtitles and fonts styles
  • Full style fonts supported and font shadow alignment, multicolor strokes are made available to meet the daily film style.
  • Subtitles with fonts varying as colored, animated, with bubbles, voice over and even some are as if drawn with hands are included.
  1. Dubbing and sound effects

For multiple recording soundtracks and too rich the contextual sound effects to make your images more unique, the enhancement is done.

  1. Creative shooting:
  • High definition video recording and multisize support shooting are provided to suit Instagram and youtube videos.
  • A beautifying lens is available and made easy to choose the skin tone level and change to the girly filter.
  • Picture in picture has a multi-screen , making it easy to convey messages to the audience.
  1. Export and share

Quality/ / video specifications :

Allows 480/720p/1080p/ GIF  for videos to export and import . Sharing is supported by “Share line”, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Messenger, Vimeo and Wechat.

Addition information about Viva video lite:

  1. Version : 1.0.2
  2. Downloads : 100,00,000+ downloads
  3. In app permissions : Device and app history,Location, Wifi connection and information, Microphone etc. 

Pros of Viva Video:

  • The app makes it simple to edit the videos and images at good quality with limited accessibility and amazing filters.
  • The themes provided are cool, and the stickers are also amazing. You can also download various stickers from various apps and can create funny videos.
  • The availability of the app is easy, and you can download it easily from trusted sources.
  • Multiple facilities are provided with which you can easily enhance the quality of video and dubbing can be done.
  • Multiple quality videos are also made available which helps you to increase the different pictures.
  • Speeding up of video footage and slowing down can be done while recording.
  • Uses storyboarding feature to merge videos and create montages.
  • A lot of seasonal filters to add art to your videos and images.
  • Capturing adjustable length videos will help us to post the videos on Instagram and YouTube.
  • Also, you can get a chance, to be featured in the #Vivavideo community.

Cons of Viva Video

  • High purchase prices for Viva video pro.
  • Trial the app for VIP membership is for money.
  • Reported by many users regarding low video quality.
  • Some issues regarding the logo of viva video app.
  • Contains lots off ads and interrupts while making the video.
  • There are few statements regarding the use of viva video app and viva video lite.


Viva video has been proving to be of great use as an app, but is it for you? The basic version, i.e., Viva Video is free and good enough for most people who want to make a good video and with minimum quality. Helps the students to do multiple videos for birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and many occasions. For many students, it helps fully to do projects and many educational things. Also, many selfies and images can be captured with the basic version and are of good quality. When comes to Viva video lite not many variations were found and occupied less space which finds people to accept it more.

The VIP membership makes access to many filters and doesn’t require for a general work basis. It may require for professional video makers and is very much hand in hand with them. The HD video quality in the paid app also is not for daily fun videos stuff but for a professional video editing and other accessibility these apps can be installed. Transfer and import of files are easy but a little time consuming with the basic app. Adjusting the clip and timings is also sometimes tedious. Finally, with growing competition in video making apps like kine master etc, the app is still many ones favorite.